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New in 2011: Passport 2 Purpose

We spent a year after ending active mentoring programs distilling our training and seminars into a book, now published. Passport 2 Purpose is intended as a sort of guidebook on your life journey. Instead of telling you what sights to see, it leads you through short, personal explorations that will help you to better set and adjust your own course. It is half text and half journal, since reflecting deeply is the only way to excavate your past, understand your present, and change your future. For those who want more guidance, we will be offering in-person workshops and retreats. Please visit our book website for more information and free excerpt downloads!

Mentor Orientation

The Mentor Handbook (modified for web posting) is a comprehensive document used to orient new and returning mentors and filled with resources they may use through the year. Its contents can be adapted to your local needs. It has not been updated since we ended active mentor programs in 2010.

Workshop Previews

We developed monthly workshops that we used as part of our ongoing mentor training. Mentors are encouraged to share what they learn with their mentees. These previews give you an idea of what is covered and how. [The expanded workshop materials, plus worksheets and rubrics, are provided on a for-fee basis.]

Specific Guides

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