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Lessons & Guides (Also, see ours, organized by age and subject)

bullet ABC's of Nuclear Science - Experiments and labs to teach nuclear science, from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
bullet Access Excellence - health- and bioscience-related classroom activities
bullet AIMS Education Foundation - Activities Integrating Math & Science
bullet How Your Eyes Work, A Look at Reading and Vision, Classroom Exercises - from the American Optometric Association
bullet Bill Nye the Science Guy - science demonstrations and home science demos
bullet Biology Curriculum Supplements from the Natl. Institutes of Health. Free. Include CD-ROM's. The mouth as a living environment (grades 1-2); the relationship between chemicals in the environment and human health (7-8); for high school: understanding neurobiology through the study of addiction; cell biology and cancer; emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases; human genetic variation.
bullet The Biology Project at the University of Arizona - an interactive resource for learning biology designed for high school and college-level biology students. Tutorials, problem sets, activities, and other resources guide learners in biochemistry, cell biology, developmental biology, human biology, Mendelian genetics, immunology, and molecular biology.
bullet California Energy Commission:
Energy Quest - lessons and energy resource information, from alternative-fuel cars, to wind energy, to fossil fuels
Science Projects - experiments for all ages
bullet Chem4Kids - not just chemistry! Also has astronomy, biology, physics, and physical geography. Students learn about the basics of each area, including the scientific method, and can test themselves on the quizzes for each site.
bullet Chemistry Teaching Resources - including curricula, demos, experiments, public concerns, and periodic tables [from Sweden]
bullet Down-to-Earth Astronomy - educational projects associated with the Hubble Space Telescope, including lessons and image galleries
bullet EarthComm - High school earth science curriculum developed by the American Geological Institute
bullet Earth Island Institute - Earth Island Institute is dedicated to projects which promote the conservation, preservation and restoration of the Earth. This site has info on over 30 projects from rainforest protection, whale and dolphin habitats protection, and sea turtle nesting beaches protection to organic agriculture developments. Great resources and references.
bullet Energy-Related Resources from Consumers Energy, including on-line games
bullet Explorer - Searchable database of K-12 educational resources for K-12 math and science. Includes instructional software, lab activities, lesson plans, and videotapes.
bullet Exploring Planets in the Classroom - more than 25 hands-on science activities in classroom-ready pages for exploring geology, Earth, the planets, and space sciences [from the Hawaii Space Grant Consortium]
bullet Filamentality - a fill-in-the-blank interactive Web site that guides you through picking a topic, searching the Web, gathering good Internet sites, and turning Web resources into activities appropriate for learners. Guides beginners through the creation of Web-based learning activities.
bullet GEM - The Gateway to Educational Materials - a searchable index to high-quality lesson plans, curriculum units and other education resources, sponsored by the US Dept. of Education.
bullet Genetic Science Learning Center from the University of Utah - labs, activities, research, etc.
bullet Interactive Physics - Interactive activities and “ask a scientist”
bullet Inventing Flight for Schools - Inquiry-driven, middle-grade curriculum presenting the science of flight interwoven with the history of the Wright Brothers. Activity-driven and standards-based, students engage in the same inventive process that the Wright Brothers used.
bullet The Journey Inside: The Computer - from Intel Corp., provides in-depth, easy-to-use materials free of charge to science, math, and computer teachers in grades 5-9. Covers an intro to computers; how microprocessors work; what digital information is; how transistors work; how computer chips are made; and an examination of critical inventions throughout history. Now available on line!
bullet Marine Discovery lesson plans (of uneven quality) from University of Arizona students
bullet Mathematics Archives - This site is a math teacher's dream! Lots of downloadable software, lesson plans, tutorials, lecture notes, info on graphing calculators, and lots of on-line resource links to interactive K-12 math sites.
bullet Math Forum’s Internet Mathematics Library - provides annotated links to lessons, labs, and demonstrations of K-12 mathematics.
bullet Michigan Science Benchmarks - 2000 [50-page pdf]
bullet Michigan Science Education Guidebook [119-page pdf] - teaching units, toolkits, performance assessment modules
bullet Microbes.info - The Microbiology Information Portal
bullet Morgan Genetics Tutorial - for high school or college biology
bullet National Audubon Society’s Boardwalk [virtual] Tour of Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
bullet National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - offers include math education publications such as Teaching Children Mathematics, Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, Mathematics Teacher, and over 240 educational materials.
bullet National Science Education Standards from the National Academy of Sciences
bullet Neuroscience for Kids - experiments, activities, and information on the brain, the spinal cord, and workings of our nervous system. Plus links to other sites and on-line and off-line neuroscience resources.
bullet Newton's Apple - science activities for all ages
bullet NIH Snapshots of Science & Medicine - An on-line journal that brings cutting-edge biomedical research into high school classrooms
bullet The Particle Adventure - An Interactive Tour of the Inner Workings of the Atom from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
bullet Patterns in Mathematics - Activities to explore logic patterns, number patterns, and word patterns. From Teachers’ Lab, the Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project.
bullet The Private Eye - Discover how the combined habits of looking closely and thinking by analogy can build communication, problem-solving, and concentration skills—and "the interdisciplinary mind." The jeweler's loupe—an exceptionally clear, inexpensive, and portable lens—fosters drama, wonder, and concentration, giving the ordinary person the heightened visual sensitivity of the artist, the writer, the scientist. While this site has great ideas and downloadable resources, you will want to order a book to take full advantage of it.
bullet Physics 2000 - from the University of Colorado. An interactive journey through modern physics! Learn how 20th Century science has helped create some high-tech devices. Includes Applet demos.
bullet A Private Universe Project - Using basic astronomy activities as a way to discover student misconceptions and explore strategies that foster scientific understanding. From Teachers’ Lab, the Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project.
bullet NASA Quest - bringing NASA people, space, and science to classrooms through the Internet; new interactive projects and live Webcasts every month
bullet Rader's Cosmos4Kids, Biology4Kids, Chem4Kids, Geography4Kids, Physics4Kids - astronomy, biology, chemistry, Earth science, & physics lessons
bullet Rainbow Lab - How are rainbows formed? The University of Minnesota's Calculus Initiative teaches your students about reflection, refraction and how light travels. They will be able to calculate the path of a beam of light through a water droplet and predict the best viewing angle for observing the resulting rainbow.
bullet SAPS - projects on plants and molecular biology from Science And Plants for Schools, in the United Kingdom
bullet Scholastic Lesson Plans and On-Line Projects
bullet School Gardens - Gardens “teach children not only about plants, nature, and the outdoors, but other subjects as well. Gardens can teach children about history, economics, poetry, and math.” This site includes school garden themes, things to consider before you create a garden, a step-by-step guide, curriculum ideas, and more.
bullet Science Fair Project Resource Guide - Do you need to do a science fair project? This list of web sites provides the basic materials to do just that. Find ideas, samples, and resources for projects.
bullet The Science of Light - Activities exploring the colors of light and laws of light behavior. From Teachers' Lab, the Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project.
bullet Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement (SMILE) - This program is designed to enhance elementary and secondary learning of science and math through the phenomenological approach. Teachers develop the single-concept lesson plans, which cover biology, chemistry, math, and physics. From Illinois Institute of Technology.
bullet Science Web Quest Lessons 97 - The Web Quest lessons, developed by teachers, incorporate different web sites to further understand topics ranging from marine life, the weather, robotics, to volcanoes.
bullet Science Web Quest Lessons 98 - Fast Food Nutrition, Guinea Pigs, Body Builders, comets, ocean waves, more.
bullet Science Web Quest Lessons 99 - Emperor Penguins, Properties of Light, Physics of Skateboarding, more.
bullet Science Web Quests 2000 - Cosmic Chemistry, Homing Pigeons, Inherited Traits, more.
bullet Science Web Quests 2001 - Betta Fighting Fish, Calfornia Gold Rush, Cranial Nerves, Earth Shaking News, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Flowering Plants, Heart Parts, It’s a Frog's Life, Ladybugs, Lunar Cycle, Newton's Physics Notebook, Plant Adaptation, Plant and Animal Cells, Plate Tectonics, Soil and Worm Composting, Reading Weather Maps, Tornadoes, Volcanoes of Mexico
bullet Science Web Quests 2002 - Bat Puzzle, Bones, Chemical Reactions, Digestive system, Motion - speed and velocity, West Nile Virus
bullet Science Web Quests 2003 - Introduction to Cells, Gas Laws, Life Cycle of Stars, Understanding Light
bullet Sea World Classroom Activities - K-12 Teacher Guides focusing on marine animals. The guides integrate science, math, geography, art and language in an active, hands-on fashion.
bullet Seeds of Change Garden - Created at the initiative of the Smithsonian Institution, it teaches about diversity and history by looking at the evolution of agriculture and cuisine throughout the world. It can be browsed for enjoyment and exploration or can provide a basis for more in-depth classroom or home activities.
bullet Shape and Space in Geometry - Activities about real things: how big they are, whether they fit, how to find them, what they look like in a mirror. From Teachers' Lab, the Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project.
bullet Teachers.Net - Find lesson plans on all topics and submit your own.
bullet U.C. Berkeley Physics Lecture Demonstrations - Demos used for undergrad physics course, with other resources
bullet Utah Education Network - Hundreds of science lessons and activities, keyed to the state’s Science Core Curriculum
bullet Experience Math & Science with Gizmos - Interactive site to teach and experiment with basic science concepts. You change the parameters and predict the results.

Just for Fun! Look at some parodies of the scientific method — The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project, Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches, and Fun with Grapes - A Case Study — but don't try these at home!

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