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Career Mentoring Teens
three SMS mentees
Slauson Builders Club 2001 members
What It Takes

A good career mentor is someone with career experience, preferably in more than one job. You need to use what you have learned over the years to help teens figure out who they are and want to become.

You need time—a few hours a week for 6 to 10 weeks, for the training and the actual interaction with your teen(s). That is why so many of our career mentors have been retirees.

You need an open mind about your mentee's capabilities and potential, which is why a stranger can do this more easily than a parent—they are not subconsciously trying to please us, and we do not have such deep-seated hopes, dreams, and expectations for someone else's child.

You need a network of friends or the nerve to approach strangers, in order to arrange an interview or shadowing experience in one or more fields that your teen fixes on as personally promising.
A History of Our Career Mentoring Program Replicating the Mentoring Process
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Doris, Gene and Melanie Gene and Jeannine with Kiesa, Tamzin, Melanie, and Anna
Doris, Gene and Melanie Career mentors Gene and Jeannine with
mentees Kiesa, Tamzin, Melanie, and Anna
Seventeen Kiwanis members have mentored 52 teens, usually in pairs, at Pioneer High and Slauson Middle School in just over two years.
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