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MRO provides consultants to serve a wide range of learning, curriculum development, partnership development, and coalition-building needs specifically for mentor and coaching programs. We serve a broad spectrum of clients including K–12, higher education, corporations, non-profit organizations, and faith-based organizations. We focus on your needs and the needs of your organization and community.


Do-It-Yourself: Passport 2 Purpose

After ending active mentoring programs, we distilled the best of our training and seminars into a book. Passport 2 Purpose is intended as a sort of guidebook on your life journey. Instead of telling you what sights to see, it leads you through short, personal explorations that will help you to better set and adjust your own course. It is half text and half journal, since reflecting deeply is the only way to excavate your past, understand your present, and change your future. Please visit our book website for more information and free excerpt downloads!

Our Services

1. On-Site Training for Your New or Existing Mentoring or Coaching Programs

MRO’s proven learning modules are available for new or experienced mentors, coaches, and program staff.

MRO Consultants may be hired to

In both cases, MRO helps you modify our programs to fit your particular training needs and to utilize your group and community resources.

2. Custom Design – Helping You Develop Your Own Training Programs

Experienced instructional designers can work with clients to design, implement, and evaluate specialized training programs and solutions to target your specific mentoring needs. Working with your staff, we produce a curriculum along with models for trainer guides and participant workbooks or handbooks.

Typically, MRO consultants then work with your staff or key volunteers to co-lead new programs until such time that they feel confident to teach them on their own.

3. Partnership or Coalition Development

Community organizations, companies, service organizations, faith-based groups, schools and colleges often need a hand to pull together to recognize a problem and to identify and apply their talents and resources.

MRO consultants will help you to

We can assist your organization in building new partnerships or deepening existing ones. We have experience assisting diverse clients with needs such as ...

4. Speakers and Presentations

MRO consultants are available to speak at forums, seminars, and conferences on a range of topics. We can share our own programs, successes, and experiences, as well as work with you to communicate research, best practices, or your hopes and goals for topics such as ...

We have helped people and organizations statewide to plan and execute the process of coalition-building. We have provided extensive personal coaching to nearly 30 groups in Michigan communities. We have helped to connect groups such as Chambers of Commerce, Big Brothers, youth pastors, city governments, public and private schools, university student groups, 4-H Extension, and service groups such as Rotary and Kiwanis to work collaboratively to serve children in clubs and mentoring programs tailored to specific groups and settings. While still part of the UM College of Engineering, we worked with the Director of Community Relations’ office to present ideas and to offer our MRO models for mentoring, science clubs, and World of Work to business groups, community organizations, and K–12 school leadership groups in Detroit, Pontiac, Flint, Lansing, Grand Rapids and Saginaw. We believe we could once again work with this UM office to offer such support, ideas, and particular MRO services/training/resources.

Contact Director Jeannine LaSovage (lasovage at reachoutmichigan.org) for more information.

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