Michigan Reach Out!

Who Supports Us

The following lists include only our supporters since we became a non-profit organization in 2003. Not included here are the hundreds of volunteers who were the heart and hands of our programs.

We are no longer able to offer active mentoring programs but have transitioned to a consulting model. Using our book, Passport 2 Purpose, as a guide, we lead group seminars, workshops, and book clubs to mentor people through finding their own paths in life or helping others to do so. Our fees for these services barely cover our costs, so we are essentially volunteers.

If you would like to help us financially, consider these methods:

Contribute to us directly (we are a 501(c)(3) organization) ->
Contribute to us through United Way
Donate stock (National City Bank, DTC #0141, Brokerage Account #47532244)

Financial Supporters

Foundation, Corporate, University & Government Grants and Gifts


Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
Ann Arbor Smiles Dental Group
Ann Arbor Public Schools
Ann Arbor Public Schools Educational Foundation
Black & Veatch Corp.
City of Ann Arbor
Colonial Square Cooperative
Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation
Downtown Ann Arbor Kiwanis
ExxonMobil Foundation
Drs. Kennedy, Marzone & Gray
Grove Family Foundationt

Kiwanis Club of Ann Arbor Foundation
Meeks & Zilberfarb Orthopedic Associates, PC
Monroe Street Journal, UM Business School
Michigan Student Assembly
Pfizer Corporation
Pfizer Foundation
Pi Kappa Alpha, UM Chapter
Rose Vending, LTD
The Rotary Club of Ann Arbor
J. & E. Slavik Foundation
UM Greek Week gifts

Individual Gifts


John Adolph
Gerald & Margaret Amodei
Ken & Marni Arnett
John Barfield
John & June Bassett
Cheryl Dale Beck
Matilde Benacquista
James & Susan Bennett
Mickey Bohn
Faye Booker-Logan
Robert Brill
Jim & Sue Bristol
Rachel Brock
Serina Brown
Rachel Burkhardt
Letitia Byrd
Kathryn Cash
Linda Chapekis
Andrew & Pamela Chapelle
Stephen & Stephanie Cherniak
Susan Ciscke
Ron Clement
Gary & Carol Coburn
Allan & Jacqueline Coleman
David H. Coleman
Margaret Cotruvo
Dave & Colette Dempsey
Barbara Dilisio
Ralph Dilisio
D.S. & Susan Donegan
Jane H. Dornbrock
William & Amy Downs
John & Barbara Eakins
Timothy Eatman
Abra Essad
David Flood
Tom Flynn
Kathy Fojtik
Anthony & Beverly Fritz

Maria Gismondi
Stefania Gismondi
Charles Graham
James & Susan Graham
Mary Elizabeth Graham
Rial & Margery Hamann
Rich & Debra Hamann
Mark Harris
Stephen & Ruth Harris
Jerry Hartweg
Robert Hayes
Karen Hollen
Carolyn Jacobs
Stephen & Kathleen Jaskiewicz
Coleman J. Johnson
Roger & Carolyn Johnson
Randy Joseph
Candida Justyna
Bob & Judy Kegerreis
Daniel & Nancy Kennedy
Emily Kennedy
Thomas & Sally Klein
Linda Kyle
Nell Kuhnmuench
Adria LaSovage
Tara LaSovage
Ron & Jeannine LaSovage
Walt & Marilyn LaSovage
Amanda Lindow
Daniel MacLennan
Joseph & Debra Marks
Elizabeth Martins
Vickie Matthews
Lance & Weayun Maynard
Olivia Maynard
Roosevelt & Marilyn Maynard
Kathleen McAuliffe
Tim & Michelle McCormick
John & Meredith Meeks
Louis & Kelli Meeks

Sandra Meeks
Michael & Leslie Morris
Richard & Jill Nash
Gerald Nordblom
William Nosseck
Daniel A. Nye III
Don & Marie Olsen
Dick & Mary Parks
Silvia Pedraza
Pascal Piazza
Herbert Piilo
Kathleen & Gregory Pugliese
Brendon & Mary Quilter
John Quilter
Aarti Raheja
Michael Rhodes
John & Carolyn Sampselle
Madelyn Satz
Martin & Miriam Satz
Edith Semark
Dennis & Susan Shackelford
Karl & Sandra Shargabian
Clifford & Ingrid Sheldon
Linda Sietz
Moussa Sissoko
Deborah Snell
Dan & Tracey Stephenson
Max & Sue Supica
Stephen Syrjamaki
Martha & Gary Toth
Rosanna Toth
Joan Toy
Kristi Vilminot
Jane Viventi
Lisbeth Wagner
Randy & Rita Whitcomb
Alfred Wich
Joseph Wich
Lura Williams

In-Kind Supporters


Rachel Burkhardt hosted our annual farm visit.

Linda Chapekis provided accounting and tax preparation services.

The First United Methodist Church of Ann Arbor allowed use of their facilities for meetings and training.

Bob Kegerreis produced three professional documentaries on Michigan Reach Out!

Tom McCartney printed brochures and newsletters.

Scarlett Middle School allowed us to use copiers, a laptop computer, and the building for meetings, in-services, etc. They also conducted background checks for staff and volunteer mentors.

Many friends provided food, supplies, transportation, and other needs.

“Thank You” to Our Generous Supporters!

Monroe Street Journal
Pi Kappa Alpha
Ann Arbor Kiwanis Pfizer Ann Arbor Area CF

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