Reach Out! Thanksgiving Potluck

at Scarlett Middle School, November 2004


On November 8, 2004, we held our first all-program gathering for Reach Out! mentors, their mentees, the children’s parents, grandparents, and other family members, and any staff who wished to attend. Scarlett Middle School generously hosted the gathering, a potluck meal of salads and desserts, followed by board games of all kinds. We counted 212 attendees!

Here are some photos taken at the gathering. If you wish to print a copy of one or more, click on that photo to reach a higher-resolution version for better results.

Thanks to all who came and helped with arrangements. We'll do this again soon!


CherryO Name That State
Monopoly Memory
Twister Sorry
MadGab mystery game


Suzanne & Julia Matthew & Josh Jonathan & Alex
mystery pair Robin & Jenny Dalya & Sylvia
Jerry & Derek Kiara & Katie Majd & Stephen
Keesha & Alli Marci & Arielle Emily & Emily
Charles & Ethan Chung & Nate Brittany & Anne
Alan & Malik mystery pair Olivia & Ashleigh
Waneta & Jerry trio dancin

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Posted 20 Nov 04