Reach Out Mentoring Model


To link university students, community, and business mentors with youth to provide educational and career exploration opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom.


  1. Provide a model mentoring program and career resource clearinghouse for Michigan;
  2. Provide academic support for children and tackle the growing achievement gaps;
  3. Provide career exploration opportunities for children with emphasis on science, math, engineering, health, and technology (SMETH) careers;
  4. Provide children, parents, guardians and K–12 staff information about post–high school job training and higher educational opportunities.

Beliefs, Objectives & Rationale

Foundational MRO Beliefs:

Our fundamental mentoring strategy is that both partners develop competence and character by ...

  1. Discovering their gifts, talents, and passions;
  2. Dealing with their personal pain and life struggles;
  3. Becoming effective problem-solvers; and
  4. Determining short- and long-term life goals.

Our objectives particularly aimed at the children and teens we serve:

Rationale for strategies and objectives:

Mentoring—and nothing else—is the answer to unfilled needs that are holding our children back.

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