Can I make a Maraca?

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Recommended Age: Preschool and Early Elementary


What are percussion instruments?

Can I make a maraca?

What You Need

What To Do

  1. Put one end of your juice can on the cardboard. Trace around the can. Do two of these. Carefully cut out the two circles.
  2. Use the paper hole puncher to make a hole right in the middle of each circle.
  3. Glue a circle to one end of the juice can. Let it stand long enough to dry.
  4. Put some dry rice, beans, peas or corn into the can. Set the can aside.
  5. Take the unsharpened pencil. Put it through the hole of the other cardboard circle. Put some glue around the outside circle edge to help the pencil stay put.
  6. Push the pencil into the can until the flat end comes through the hole of the other end. Press the glued circle into place so it is secure.
  7. Let the maraca alone until the glue is dry. Then decorate it with your art supplies.

What Is Happening

Percussion instruments make sounds by two objects hitting each other, vibrating, and so make a sound. Drums, cymbals, maracas, and tambourines are all percussion kinds of instruments.

See if you can make maracas with different kinds of sound by using different materials inside of it (such as corn instead of rice) or by mixing ingredients that you put inside a maraca.

Or try making smaller and larger maracas using different sizes of cans. What kinds of sounds do you create?

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