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An AskERIC Lesson Plan

Submitted by:Rebecca Boak, Raymond Gabaldon, Los Lunas, NM
Endorsed by: These lesson plans are the result of the work of the teachers who have attended the Columbia Education Center's Summer Workshop. CEC is a consortium of teacher from 14 western states dedicated to improving the quality of education in the rural, western, United States, and particularly the quality of math and science Education. CEC uses Big Sky Telegraph as the hub of their telecommunications network that allows the participating teachers to stay in contact with their trainers and peers that they have met at the Workshops.
Date: May 1994

Grade Level: (2-3) Science

     - Magnets are pieces of metal that have the power to
       attract other pieces of metal
     - Magnets attract objects made of iron or steel
     - Magnets have a 'N' and 'S' pole
     - Like poles push away or repel
     - Different poles pull together or attract

     Classify objects attracted and not attracted by
     Analyze materials of objects used
     Predict the poser of a unit magnet
     Make a nail magnet

RESOURCES/MATERIALS:  Large nail, Bar magnet, Small tacks,
     metal paper clips.

1.   Experiment with magnets and various objects. Classify
     'Do's' and 'Don'ts'.
2.   Analyze the material each object is made of.
3.   Predict and then test the power of a unit magnet.
     Predict and then test the power of two unit magnets.
     Predict and then test the power of three unit magnets.
4.   Complete a worksheet on each of the above activities.
5.   Make your own nail magnet.

                       WORKSHEET # 1

Name of Object      Material of Object       Attracted to
                                               Yes    No
________________    _____________________      ____  ____
________________    _____________________      ____  ____
________________    _____________________      ____  ____
________________    _____________________      ____  ____
________________    _____________________      ____  ____

Use as many objects as you can find.

Write two sentences telling what you found out about

                        WORKSHEET #2

                   Number of Paper Clips
                       Prediction            Test Results

1  Unit Magnet   ______________________      ____________
2  Unit Magnet   ______________________      ____________
3  Unit Magnet   ______________________      ____________

Were you surprised by the results?
Write two sentences telling what you found out.
                        WORKSHEET #3

Make your own magnet.

MATERIALS:  Large nail, bar magnet, small tacks.

1.   Test your nail by touching it to the tacks. It should
     not pick them up.
2.   Next hold the bar magnet in one hand and stroke the
     nail across it. Be sure you stroke it in one direction
     Stroke it around 50 times.
3.   Test your nail by touching it to the tacks. Presto, you
     have a magnet!

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