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Lesson Plan #:AELP-PHY0011


An AskERIC Lesson Plan

AUTHOR: Charles Gutierrez, Sierra Vista Elementary, NM



 This lesson is introduced as a supplemental study of matter, chemistry, or as a fun activity for follow up on matter.


 The purpose of this lesson is to introduce the student to the effects of the mixture of different components and also the effect of one chemical on another.


 The objective of the lesson is that the child will form crystals in the classroom and understand the cause and effect of mixing different chemicals.


  1. 1 glass slide
  2. 1 test tube
  3. 1 dropper
  4. 1 bottle of mucilege glue
  5. magnesium sulfate
  1. put 3 ml of water into the test tube
  2. add enough magnesium sulfate to make saturated solution
  3. add a drop of glue, and stir until the glue is dissolved
  4. using the dropper, put enough of the solution on the glass slide to cover it completely
  5. wait a few minutes and the child will see the crystals start to form.
  6. place the glass slide on the window sill and allow to dry

 This is a good beginning experiment for the fourth grade. It is also possible to make silver crystals using silver nitrate rather than magnesium sulfate but a word of caution when using silver nitrate. Silver nitrate is not to be swallowed or to come in contact with the eyes, so be very careful.

May 1994

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