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TITLE:         Structure of Matter

AUTHOR:     Linda Smith; Shedeck Elementary, Yukon, OK

GRADE LEVEL/SUBJECT:  5th  /  Structure of Matter including Mixtures in 

OVERVIEW:  As a veteran science teacher, I have always found the 
structure of matter to be the most difficult lessons to make exciting.
Although students do not have difficulty learning the terms that describe
the structure of matter, they do have difficulty understanding how these
concepts relate to their lives.  They cannot grasp why reasonable people
believe in unseen atoms.

PURPOSE:  An understanding of the structure of matter is the gateway to
the understanding of the natural universe.  Although there are really few
practical reasons for understanding the structure of matter, perhaps the
most important reason to learn this material concerns students' future
decisions on public issues related to energy and waste.

OBJECTIVES:  (Note that this is the third of three lessons in this
particular unit)  Students will learn about mixtures, including solutions
and suspensions.

RESOURCES/MATERIALS:  Fruit, party mix, drink mix, brownie mix, egg,
water, and oil

RESOURCES:  Discussion of mixture

ACTIVITIES AND PROCEDURES:  Beginning activity-(Students are grouped)
Group A is given a variety of fruits and told to make a mixture;  Group B is
given a bowl of party mix and told to separate items;  Group C is given a
variety of drink mixes and told to make mixtures; Group D is given
ingredients to brownies and told to make a mixture.

TYING IT ALL TOGETHER:  After groups have completed their activity, a
discussion of results is held, lesson from book is taught.  The culminating
activity is done on the different types of mixtures (suspension and
solution) using water and a variety of items such as sugar, salt, oil, flour,
talcum powder etc.  Mixing items in cups of water observing reactions.

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