About the Greenhouse Effect Lesson


Hi, I am Alicia Pinderhughes, the author of the lesson "The Greenhouse Effect." I am a work-study student here at the Center for Ultrafast Optical Science. I help to maintain the CUOS website for K-12 education. I am only a freshman at the University of Michigan, but I have been pretty much set on majoring in aerospace engineering for a very long time. Just a few more little tidbits about me: I am from Baltimore, Maryland and I graduated from the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (yes, that is the name of a high school).
I hope that students and teachers enjoy my lesson. I developed this lesson from a science project I did in middle school for a science fair. I also spent a lot of time researching fun and informative facts that hopefully piqued your interest and has gotten the ball rolling inside your head about the state that our planet is moving towards!
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