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Burt Lamkin, Pilot, Flight Instructor

Brief Description of Experience

Career(s) Shared:
Pilot, Flight Instructor

Time Needed: 2-4 hours

Things We May Do:
Call Burt and arrange to go with him to the Ann Arbor Airport. You will find out about being a pilot of small aircraft or being a flight instructor. You will go up with Burt in a plane and see firsthand what flying is like. Burt will share how you can obtain a private pilotUs license just for your own enjoyment and that of your family. You will also find out about the kinds of jobs you could have once you have your license to fly, from working for a company and transporting employees and clients, to delivering and picking up packages, to being a crop duster or an aerial firefighter. A pilotUs license opens the doors to many jobs.

Once you are an experienced flyer, you might want to think about becoming a flight instructor. Burt will show you how he teaches people about flying procedures and techniques in the air. You will also see the classroom side of learning to fly and the Ground School lessons covering things like navigation, radio procedures, and flying regulations. You will go to a hangar and learn about plane maintenance and the typical rundown of preparation for a flight, too. You will probably be able to meet and talk with flight engineers, mechanics, or an airport tower controller if you would like.


Age level: Upper Elementary through Adult

Interests: Airplanes, flying, teaching if you are thinking of being a flight instructor

Previous Classes/Knowledge: None really required. But you will see that knowing about math and the weather are plusses, along with some mechanical skills and map-reading ability.

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