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Personal Assessments

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Personality Traits & Characteristics

  ·  What Turns You On? - a worksheet to help you explore what makes you happy, how you learn, and what you are good at
·  What Do You Like? - the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics helps you explore careers
·  Keirsey Temperament Sorter - helps you in self-analysis
·  Discover Yourself - what are your interests, personal goals, and lifestyle values?

Career & Job Interests

  ·  Michigan Occupational Information System (MOIS) at your high school guidance office
·  Occupational Outlook Handbook for descriptions of hundreds of jobs and their characteristics

Life Experiences

  ·  Tools for Discovering Your Job-Related Skills
·  Define skills gained from work, volunteering, and school

Realistic Goal-Setting

  ·  Identify personal/career expectations and life goals
·  How Do I Choose a Career?


  ·  Practice writing a personal biography


  ·  Gather and organize school, work, and community service information
·  Identify and collect "best work"
·  Keep reference letters, awards, recommendations


Personal Management Skills & Abilities

Workshops, seminars, and other experiences regarding:

• Multicultural Understanding

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• Team and Leadership Skills

• Time Management

• Conflict Resolution Skills

• Personal Financial Planning

• Stress Management Skills

• Safety & Self-Defense

• Accessing Community Resources

• Problem-Solving Skills


Links with Job and Community Service Opportunities


Finding Job and Community Service Opportunities

·  Advertised jobs
·  Networking with family and friends; Networking, Establishing contacts
·  Internet resources
·  Community Organizations

How to Contact an Employer

  ·  Cold Calling: Preparation, Doing It, Tips & Techniques, Scenarios
·  Guidelines to an Effective Cover Letter
·  Check Your Résumé IQ with this quiz
·  Résumés: What to Include and to Omit, 12 Quick Tips, 3 Basic Formats, Sample Letters, Choosing Your References

How to Complete a Job Application

  ·  Practice completing applications

Typical Work Prerequisites & Entry-Level Job Tests

  ·  Drug & substance testing
·  Basic skills testing
·  Computer (word processing) testing
·  Clerical tests

Interview and Conversation Skills

  ·  The Job Interview - Preparing for it, common questions, typical stages, what to do afterward
·  Effective listening skills
·  Effective speaking skills & proper grammar
·  Physical appearance & body language

Accepting a Job or Community Service Opportunity

  ·  Planning & getting to work on time
·  Setting work goals & objectives
·  Getting along with your boss
·  Getting along with your peers
·  Being a team member
·  Giving praise & receiving constructive criticism

Job & Community Service Evaluations

  ·  Examples of employee evaluations
·  Discussing evaluations & questioning/clarifying skills
·  Defining results from a community service project
·  Assessing skills learned from job or community service


Researching the World of Work

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• Types of Industries

• Typical Technology Cycles

• Types of Organizational Structures

• Education & Ongoing Learning


Exploring the World of Work


Co-op & Work/Study Experiences

Information about Military Opportunities


  ·  CIRRUS undergraduate research opportunities;
·  Internships - Register with Princeton Review, then go to Career, to Internships, to Search for an Internship - a database you can search by field, city, state, and/or weekly pay rate
·  Job Shadowing to spend time with someone on the job in a field of interest to you
·  Shadowing opportunities in Southeastern Michigan


Part-Time Jobs

Tours of Companies, Universities, Job Training Centers

  ·  Michigan tours

Volunteer/Community Service Learning Experiences

  ·  Why Volunteer?
·  The Benefits of Volunteering
·  Using Volunteer Work to Gain Employment


Transition to Higher Education or Job Training


How to Learn about a College, Company, or Training Center

  ·  Writing a letter requesting information
·  Using a library
·  Using a career or guidance center
·  Researching Colleges on the Internet
·  Talking with counselors, teachers, youth workers
·  Arranging visits to colleges, companies, training centers
·  Validating the reputation of colleges or training centers

How to Prepare for College or Job Training

  ·  Understanding entry requirements
·  Reviewing your curriculum, courses, & experiences
·  Identifying weaknesses & taking steps to improve
·  Study & test-taking skills
·  SAT & ACT preparation
·  Basic computer skills
·  Choosing a college
·  Preparing for college admissions interviews

How to Complete College & Job Training Applications

  ·  College Application Process & Essays
·  Requesting letters of recommendation

How to Pay for College & Job Training

  ·  Completing financial aid forms
·  Seeking & applying for scholarships
·  Grants & loans
·  Work/study and co-op options
·  Employer tuition reimbursement programs


Being Entrepreneurs & Starting a Business


Assessing Personal Talents, Skills & Abilities Related to Owning a Business

Options for Owning a Company

  ·  Partnership with an existing company
·  Joint ventures
·  Franchises
·  Working out of one's home

Preparing a Business Plan

Business Basics

  ·  Accounting & Bookkeeping Practices
·  Inventories
·  Marketing & Sales
·  Personal & Company Reputation
·  Start-Up Expenses

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