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Background & History

Michigan Reach Out! is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that managed mentoring programs and provided training for others doing similar work for more than a decade. The most profound insights we gained in all those years are:

  • We are all mentors and mentees.
  • The most effective mentors are those we know, respect, and want to emulate.
  • You cannot truly change anyone but yourself, but your modeling can powerfully influence others.
  • The way to really change the world one person at a time is to be more deliberate and intentional in this personal mentoring.
  • We’ve got to become more than we are to help others become more than they are.

Excavate your past, understand your present, and change your future.

Our new book, Passport 2 Purpose, shows how to become more than you are today. We guide you through short, personal explorations to uncover exactly who you are and were meant to become. Take charge of your life journey!
Book excerpts: Beliefs & Values, Healthy Boundaries, Understanding Feelings

Resources & Consulting

Our consultants provide retreats, workshops, training, and curriculum modules for support groups and small groups; college leadership development and orientation programs; premarital and secondary school counseling; volunteer prep programs for business, service, and school organizations; addiction recovery and life coaching groups; and AmeriCorps and Senior Corps programs.

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