Michigan Reach Out!

2009–2010 Calendar of Family Events & Training

All-Mentor In-Service
Scarlett Media Center
Sunday, Sep. 13th 1–4 PM
Scarlett Open House Thursday, Sep. 17th 6–8 PM
MRO Family Picnic
Scarlett outside, cafeteria
Sunday, Oct. 4th 2–3:30 PM
Family Thanksgiving Potluck
Scarlett cafeteria
Thursday, Nov. 19th 6–7:30 PM
Workshop: Learning Styles Week of Week of Sep. 21st TBA
Workshop: Passions, Gifts & Talents Week of Week of Oct. 12th TBA
Workshop: Healthy Relationships Week of Week of Nov. 2nd TBA
Workshop: Understanding Feelings Week of Week of Dec. 7th TBA
Workshop: Power of “What I Say” Week of Week of Jan. 11th TBA
Workshop: Intentional Dialogue Week of Week of Feb. 8th TBA
Workshop: Career Exploration & Planning Month of March TBA
Workshops held at SMS Reach Out! Room 142.
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